Ethan Morgan

From My Babysitter's a Vampire
Ethan Morgan awkwardly smiling into the camera in front of a white background.


Ethan is a kid who desperately wants to fade into the background. He starts the movie being deeply insecure with himself and doesn't want to draw much attention to himself. Through the power of the friendship he has with his friends, he is able to get over his shyness and fear, and is able to triumph over evil, realizing that his powers could be used to help those in need. He is shown to have a greater understanding of situations over his peers, mainly because of his second sight. He is less likely to fall under a spell or curse, and is able to get his friends out of trouble in most situations.


Ethan's parents are Ross Morgan and Samantha Morgan. He has a little sister named Jane. He starts the series as a freshman in high school, however is actual age is not known. It is theorized that he is 15, and ages by one year by the finale. Ethan's friends include Benny Weir, who is a spellmaster and neighbor, Rory Keaner, who becomes a vampire by the end of The Movie, Sarah Fox, a vampire who starts the series as his babysitter and is his possible love interest, and Erica Jones, Sarah's best friend who is also a vampire.


Ethan Morgan is a Seer. His powers include:

  1. Being able to gain visions into the future when he interacts with the supernatural, usually through touch.
  2. Communication with ghosts through contact with an item of importance to the spirit.
  3. Entering peoples minds. This is expanded upon more in the season 2 finale episode The Date to End All Dates (Part 2).

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