Grandma Weir

From My Babysitter's a Vampire
Grandma "Evelyn" Weir is Ethan's next door neighbor, Benny's Grandma, and an earth priestess. She occasionally babysits Jane, goes out of town to meet with other magic users and assist when needed in the main story.


Evelyn Weir is a mostly righteous woman, she tries to help the main cast by lending strength potions to Jane, showing the boys her yearbook in Three Cheers For Evil, punishing Benny for misusing his magic and giving weapons to Ethan. She also has odd


She went to WhiteChapel High, along with Stephanie. She is completely aware of the vampires, magic and supernatural unlike most adults in town.


Grandma Weir has been shown using the following

  1. Alchemy
  2. Shooting Lighting
  3. Adding Body Parts
  4. Reanimating the dead

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