Sarah Fox

From My Babysitter's a Vampire
Sarah Fox infront of a white background, smiling in her purple school dance dress.
Evil Sarah smiling and waving at Sarah.


Sarah is a confident and strong individual, both mentally and physically. As a fledgling and later vampire, Sarah is the main muscle of the group, being able to fight against the mainly foes they face. Sarah is emotionally distraught about being a vampire, and tries her best to make sure other humans don't fall to the same fate as her. Overtime Sarah attempts to focus on having fun with her friends while they're still around, trying not to think about her immortality for the time being. Her greatest fear is turning into a soulless vampire who kills people with no remorse. We see that fear materialized in the character of Evil Sarah, who torments her in her own pocket dimension in the episode Independence Daze.


Little is known about Sarah's background, other than the fact she has an aunt who gave her an old car. Sarah's last name is actually never stated in the series, and the actress who plays Sarah stated that she would have the character's last name be Fox. Sarah accidentally becomes a babysitter for Ethan Morgan and his sister Jane Morgan, who's house she is at frequently. Sarah's best friend is Erica Jones, who she is seen confiding in. Sarah is also friends with Benny Weir, a spellmaster, and Rory Keaner, who is also a vampire. Sarah's ex boyfriend is Jesse Black, and is the person who first turned her into a vampire. Her full transformation to a vampire happens once she saves Ethan from turning after he was bitten by Jesse as well.


Sarah is a Vampire. Her powers include:

  1. Super strength
  2. Super speed
  3. Super hearing (although it is not elaborated on fully)
  4. Flying once she becomes a full vampire.